From Tech Entrepreneurs and Educators to our fellows…

To provide technology tools, community and support to Muslim Entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, teachers and so on to establish and grow their online presence and influence by helping others in their respective needs (getting services they are in need of from you).

We want to remove the fear of technology by creating a friendly halal eco-system of support to you as a business owner so that you can focus on what you do best and worry less about the tech aspects of your work. We are not saying we will remove ALL of that but we try our best to minimize it as much as possible.

This idea was living in our heads for the past twenty years when a first attempt was made and did not work out for probably good reasons we do are not aware of (Allah swt knows best).

Here we are with the determination to make it success by growing together with you.

This is not for everyone! This is for people who are actively investing in themselves to become better version of themselves each and everyday. Who are working with having a mission and purpose. Out platform is providing tech tool, community, mastermind (coming a bit later) and much more.

You can explore some of the tools available here.

For any question, please contact us.