Burning of Quran outside Turkish embassy in Sweden

The fart-right Swedish leader Rasmus Paludan burns the Qur’an outside of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm. This event was protected by Swedish police under the “freedom of speech banner” of the western democracy. It steers up emotions by many Muslims around the globe, rightfully so. This book is the revelation from Allah swt and many of us are reading, studying, and holding it in our hands daily.

This display of sheer igno-arrogance and low urges being protected by Swedish police shows the absurdity of some laws that just go against sound human nature. This event additionally jeopardizes Sweden’s bid to join NATO who’s entry ticket is held by Turkie.

There are additional political reasons this is the case but this event is not helping the Swedes in the wake of the war in Ukraine. You would think that these blond-haired gel-slicked Europeans would be more intelligent people than this. Their IQ’s may be overrated.

Too many times Muslims had to witness the double standard of the western countries, their media and their disregard towards our faith, expressed in not just allowing such attacks to take place, but in even protecting them.

We have to yet again witness this “civilized expression” of the western culture towards Muslim values.

I am not advocating for violence and I am against destruction of property because I know that these acts do not solve anything. To the contrary, they create more problems. Our beloved prophet pbuh would never allow it.

But I am in favor of amending laws that should protect people’s faith against these types of humiliation attempts. It just makes sense not to allow hatred towards someone be put into action. Because if the other side does the same (as a reaction) it can get ugly very quickly. No one wants that.

Such insensitive acts will never deter us from our faith (to the contrary) but nevertheless we do not want to see anyone doing this to our Glorious Qur’an. We do not do this kind of stuff to anyone’s faith as our faith is teaching us not to do so. And we are proud of that fact.


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