Why are US Soldiers Converting to Islam?


Khalid Ibn Al-Walid was one of the most capable military commanders in the history of man.

He was undefeated on the battlefield, hence his nickname “The Sword of Allah“.

The first generations of Muslims have shown their fairness even in the battles they had to conduct to defend their deen and their lives which were threatened by Mekkan pagans wo wanted to get rid of the message of Islam. It was simply “bad for business” for the pagans.

The “war on terror” which idea was zealously pulled off by a handful of political figures (called the neo-cons or “the crazies”) via American Media who are complicit in pushing this narrative that resulted in deaths of over a Million of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan was wreaking havoc over a 20-year period.

The American people who believed in false pretenses that the Media mouthpieces kept echoing throughout the media space joined in this euphoric revenge against this “new enemy”.

The war on terror costed some $8T – eight trillion USD that the American tax payers paid for.

Was this the largest money laundering scheme in the history of mankind? We would like to hear your opinion on this.

Large amounts of this war money (during and after the war) has ended up in corporation’s with ties to the handful of people mentioned above who were hitting the war drums back in 2001. We are talking about $8,000,000,000,000, eight million millions.

All of this while the middle class in America has become a story of the past (history) and you see more and more homeless people on the streets. Many families do not have enough money for the basics. 21% of kids in the U.S. are growing up in poverty according to 2019 statista.com report. In the “richest country on earth”.

Many U.S. soldiers witnessed the lies first hand and it is no wonder that some of them asked legit questions. Legit questions may sometimes lead you to the correct answers…so some of the embraced Islam.


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